Wheels for Kurdistan is COMPLETE!! 

Many of you know with all of your help and support we were able to raise over $25,000 for a vehicle here in Northern Iraq. We have had an incredible transition here, smoother than we could ever imagine. As we've jumped in, we've had a miraculous visa process, and incredible open doors in camps and with internally displaced families living in abandoned buildings in the city we live in. Because of these opportunities we have PURCHASED A VAN!!

It is a beautiful new Toyota 15 passenger van. We searched over the past 2 months for the right fit, looking at many different kinds of cars and SUVs. But after working each week with a group of 12 Yazidi families and doing classes with their 25 children we just felt it was right to get a big van- to be able to transport people, host teams and also carry any ongoing aid or distribution for these families both in the abandoned buildings and within the camps! 

We are so excited and want to say a huge THANK YOU! We couldn't have gotten this without all of your support.

A few updates about our first month here:  WE MADE IT!

On top of the every day adjusting to life here, learning culture and learning language (the team is learning Kurdish), we have had some incredible open doors we wanted to share about!

1. Women’s Program

We received incredible open doors to work in a camp that is mainly inhabited by families that are IDPs (internally displaced peoples). Most of the families have come from a city west of us that was violently taken over by IS in the summer of 2014 and is still held captive. We've been given the opportunity to start a women’s program with the intent of working with women who have been traumatized by creating a safe place where healing can take place! We met all of our women last week and I am moved to tears thinking about the freedom that Jesus has in store for these ones. We were absolutely blown away by the vulnerability already displayed in these women- they might be the bravest women I know. What they have been through and the challenges they face on a daily basis, we can not begin to comprehend. The 3 declarations we are having them say each week is, “I am loved. I am brave. Together we can change the environment around us.”

2. Weekly Relationship Building & Family Tent Visits

Apart from consistent number of families that we visit in the camp, there is a group of incredible Yazidi families (about 12 -15 families) who live in an abandoned building previously used for chicken coops, as well as abandoned buildings. We visited there once and FELL IN LOVE with these families and their children. Pretty much love at first site. We have been going there 1-2 times a week building relationship with these beautiful ones that were driven from their home in the mountains in the summer of 2014. These ones are victims of a genocide and their stories are beyond belief. We have been working with their children doing different art, music, and play activities as well as bringing aid and also organizing different medical help and women’s program for them as well. There are so many testimonies even within our time with these families so far!

3. Weekly Worship and Monthly Burns

We are involved in a local HOP here and we do 3 consistent worship and intercession sets a week, leading as well as training up local musicians and worship leaders both Kurdish and Arabic singers. At the beginning of this month we LAUNCHED the very first monthly Burn here in Kstan! It was a 12 hour burn filled with mainly local Iraqi musicians, with both Kurdish and Arabic sets! Our prayer theme this month was praying for ISIS. Picture a room full of people who have been greatly effected by this terrorist group on their knees praying for their salvation! It was an incredibly powerful time of gathering local believers and foreign workers from around the city to join in worship to our King and prayer for this nation!! We are doing Burns the first Friday of every month if you want to be praying for us!

4. Internship

We are involved in a 3-month internship for new believers from this country and also from a very closed neighboring country where Bibles can not legally be owned nor the name of Jesus spoken about. Our part in the internship is to train them in worship and prayer. For those familiar with our Hillside schools, we are doing a similar mini 3-month Hillside school here in Kstan!! IT IS SO FUN and a dream come true. The goal is to see these students raised up and sent back to their closed nation to bring the light!


Pray. Give. Go

Your prayers are so important to us and we know we can not do this alone!! 

How to Pray for us: 

  • Continued favor and open doors in the camp we work in
  • Signs, miracles, and salvation amongst the Kurds 
  • Increasing hunger in the body of Christ in Northern Iraq and strength for believers who are persecuted 
  • Freedom for the ISIS held places in Northern Iraq and healing for those who have suffered because of the war 
  • Health and safety for our team 
  • God would raise up more laborers to send to this incredible nation 

How to Give:

We need an army of intercessors and sacrificial givers. We have already raised a considerable amount to kick-start this yearlong project, but much more is needed. Where the needs are great, the finances to fill those needs are also great. But we are the Body of Chris – full of resources, faith and provision.

You can donate easily by giving either online on our "Donate" page on the Burn 24-7 website. Please memo "Light A Candle" for the funds to be allocated to the work we are doing on the ground here in Northern Iraq. 

Checks can be sent to : Burn 24-7 Light a Candle -  333 South 13th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104 

Again please memo "Light A Candle"

You want to Go??

We have a few different opportunities coming up this year for mid term serving, as well as short term trip: 

Please fill application below if you are interested in

  1. Short Term Teams
  2. Long Term Teams
  3. Stateside Strategy team

APPLICATION LINKhttps://burn247.wufoo.com/forms/r1ibe6wc1i3jthn/

If you can't Go. . Spread the word about what God is doing in Northern Iraq, rally your towns, communities and churches to be praying for the massive harvest in the Middle East and educate yourself about what is going on in this part of the world!