Over the past 2 years, millions of refugees and IDP's have flooded the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq seeking safety from the war going on around them. They are living in tents, abandoned buildings, and more as they move forward to start their lives over again. 

 We’ve seen the firsthand effects of these families who have left everything they’ve known, and the difficult process of integrating into a new environment- some with literally just the clothes on their back. We’ve shed tears together as we’ve sat in their tents, or abandoned buildings they’ve made as their new home, hearing story after story of the traumatic events they’ve undergone.

These families have become dear friends, and we are so thankful to be a part of their lives and serve them in any way we can. Through giving out monthly distributions, offering psychosocial programs, teaching Bible stories to the kids, and continuing weekly family visits, we’ve gotten to know and love these families deeply and see them begin to overcome their circumstances. 

As we approach winter here in Northern Iraq, many of our families will be in need of new tents and supplies before the harsh weather hits. With highs of 46 degrees C in the summer and low temperatures below 0 degrees C, the tents in the camps have especially gone through much wear and tear, and the abandoned buildings they live in are poorly insulated. We will be helping with winter needs including blankets, mattresses and for a few families that may mean providing a new tent.

Join us as we help refugee families stay warm and provide toys for their children at Christmas.