Mother's Day Campaign Story

As you enter the camps you see families in need and children acting out. Sons and Daughters who don’t seem to have a father and a sense of lawlessness can be portrayed. The occasional rock, sandal or jacket ripping may occur.  Although as you begin to understand their stories and what they faced you can’t help but be filled with compassion.

The other day we sat with a young mother of four. She had just left the grips of ISIS the previous month and found refuge in a camp. As she shared she wept. You couldn’t help but be filled with compassion for this young mother.

Her tears filled the room as she told us her story.  She started explained how her husband was communicate with the Iraqi army, sharing information about what was happening in the center of Mosul. Late one night she said ISIS fighters came to their home. They beat her husband, herself, and one of their sons. Taking her husband from them, telling her not to move and explaining how they would be back. That was the last time she saw him.

After a few days staying in her home she decided to flee, take herself and her four children to a family's house towards the outer part of the city. With fear in her heart she stayed a few days at her family’s house until fleeing to a liberated part of the city. After staying for a bit with her family she fled at 3 am to an area that had been liberated. She explained how she still has no idea how they made it through to the liberated section.

After leaving the ISIS controlled area, she stayed in a camp not too far from the city with her children, but even there she was afraid. ISIS members had told her she would not be safe any where she went. If she went to neighboring cities they would find her. Still in fear, she found favor with a woman of authority that put in a good word for her in a camp farther away from Mosul. This is where we met our new friend. I am so expectant to continue to meet our new friend. Her story is one I will not forget.

Written by Josh, Light a Candle Project team

Zahra's story is just one out of many Mother's who have been affected by outbreak of war in Northern Iraq. Your giving to our Mother's Day Campaign, will directly bless and support Zahra and her children and so many other's.

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